Tenuta Gacci Rosso IGT Rubicone 2016

Tenuta Gacci Rosso IGT Rubicone 2016

Sandstone spurs stand out abruptly on the horizon finding stability on ancient clays formerly lapped by the sea: Gacci is placed in the centre of this scenery at a height between 150m and 300m a.s.l. 

3000 years ago this land was chosen by the Etruscans to cultivate different qualities of vines with wisdom and skills.

9.3 hectares of vineyards surrounded by woods and non-tilled field covering around 40 hectares. A WWF Oasis (there are just 100 in all Italy) is located on the border of the estate. A balance based on a natural ecosystem.

Everything in the vineyard is completely free of all chemical or invasive action and the processes are almost all manual. In summary, the conduction of the vineyard is fully organic.

The vineyard is on grassy ground, benefiting from the continuous mowing of spontaneous and natural grasses it enriches itself year by year according to the concept of no tillage philosophy.

Yields per hectare change from parcel to parcel and according to the year but with significantly lower averages, respect the permitted specifications.

The first selection takes place in the vineyard, the second on a sorting table followed by destemming without crushing. The berries are left whole ready to begin their wild fermentation.

Nothing is added except a low amount of sulphites.

TENUTA GACCI makes a single wine and the production is about 9000 bottles per year.

$148 per 750ml bottle, or $399 for a wooden case of 3x 750ml bottles