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☑  Exquisite selection from family-owned producers
☑  Exceptional quality-to-price ratio for artisanal, niche wines
☑  Guaranteed satisfaction with 1 to 1 exchange policy
☑  Temperature-controlled delivery
☑  Sustainable and organic focus
☑  Personalized service

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Wine Tasting &
 Dinner Events

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  • Ken

    We truly enjoy time spent in Amore Vino. Not only do we get to drink great wines, we also gain new knowledge thanks to Edward. Life is short so let's open a bottle, pour, swirl, smell, sip and drink.
  • Yujin

    Edward and Amore Vino have a great selection of Italian wine. Attending their events are always great fun, with food, wine, laughter and learning all part of the package!
  • Alice

    Amore Vino has a good seleciton of old world wines, especially Italian. Edward is very responsive and always go the extra mile in catering to his customers' needs.
  • MY Tan

    The wine tasting event by Amore Vino was excellent! A truly enjoyable and relaxing evening, chatting with and learning from enthusiasts. This was complemented by a massive leg of Parma ham, amongst other delicious bites. Looking forward to the next one with friends!
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